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Ankara's Book Fair
Today I was in the Medya Editions' Stand at the Ankara Book Fair. There was lots of curiosity over the exhibition of Silo's Message. When I arrived it was 17:00. I saw that Silo's poster was on the wall and there were 15-20 books on the table together with the other books, regarding, generally, different cultures (Kurdish, Alevi, etc.) and philosophy. There was Yuksel and a friend there. During the two hours I was there some people approached and looked at the Book. Considering it was a working day there were plenty of people. According to Yuksel, there are more visitors during the week-end. Especially university students attend during the week-end. Until now, Yuksel has sold 8 books. Six were sold to people visiting the fair and the other two were bought by Mehtap. Among the six buyers, one bought it because he spoke Spanish, Yuksel told me. He said that every day he sold 2 or 3 books of the Message.
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